A downloadable game for Windows

Knife Jerk: Adventures in Kilimanjaro was made in 48 hours for Purple Monkey Game Jam V!

(Theme: Disguises)

You have a knife and you're a jerk. You want to kill the mayor as many times as you can before the police catch you. Kill innocent townspeople and use their bodies to evade the cops.

Main Programmer:

Nick G.

AI Programmer:



Josh D.

Ryan K.

Jeremy L.

Jean R.


Steven X.

Special Thanks:

The Cantina and PMGJ people!

Everybody who attended PMGJ you were all super awesome!

My parents (Nick) for driving me to Boston on my birthday!

Knife Jerk was developed in GameMaker 8 Pro and the source may not work correctly if modified in newer versions of GameMaker.


KnifeJerk.zip 2 MB
KnifeJerk_source.gmk 1 MB