A downloadable game for Windows

Knife Jerk: Adventures in Kilimanjaro was made in 48 hours for Purple Monkey Game Jam V!

(Theme: Disguises)

You have a knife and you're a jerk. You want to kill the mayor as many times as you can before the police catch you. Kill innocent townspeople and use their bodies to evade the cops.

Main Programmer:

Nick G.

AI Programmer:



Josh D.

Ryan K.

Jeremy L.

Jean R.


Steven X.

Special Thanks:

The Cantina and PMGJ people!

Everybody who attended PMGJ you were all super awesome!

Knife Jerk was developed in GameMaker 8 Pro and the source may not work correctly if modified in newer versions of GameMaker.


KnifeJerk.zip 2 MB
KnifeJerk_source.gmk 1 MB